Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Loft Remodel

As the title shows, Matthew and I are remodeling his loft...also known as an apartment but doesn't calling it a loft make it so much cooler???...yes, yes it does.
Anyways, we have done so much work on it this past week. I'm a little jealous that he gets to live there and I don't! But the plan is that I decorate it now and maybe one day he'll propose and then there will be this adorable "loft" waiting on me to move in once we're married.
I was completely inspired after reading "The Nesting Place" that Matthew bought me for my birthday..he had NO idea what he was getting into by buying me that book.
Since then I have rearranged furniture, taken down blinds, bought him a new comforter (he really needed these things yall.. ) I'm also in the process of a book-page-wreath & a pom-pom garland.(Bless him)
He has been encouraging through this whole process and keeps commenting on how much it feels more like a home now. Well I mean lets face it, when an old plastic desk is your tv stand, its hard to feel that "touch-of-home".
I am so super excited about all this decorating. It totally fits both of our styles (or maybe he just says he loves everything that I do.) Nevertheless, It's becoming much more cozy in his little corner of the world. We want to invite people over and cook dinner and play card games and talk about life. We want to point people to Christ when they walk in. We want for when people come in that they feel like they can throw there feet up on the coffee table, and just vent about life and talk about things that they are dealing with. We want to always be able to be there to cry with someone, laugh with them, marathon watch a tv show, or just drink some coffee and relax. We want that little place to be a safe place, and a place for friendship and family to flourish.
Now I know that I'm getting ahead of myself because we aren't even engaged, but just bear with me. I'm a crazy, 19 year-old-in-love..and lets just face it. Every girl has their whole life planned out on pinterest. Matthew wanted to change his place up, and that invited me to make my pinterest board come to life!
First I'm going to show you my inspiration. The color scheme is : cool blue, cream, a touch of coral, a touch of gold, and rustic wood.
These are the color schemes


accents like the ones listed above
source                                            source
prints like these above
Now for the before... It isn't where it's supposed to be YET. But we'll get there! Embracing imperfection along the way!
 After we got a tv cabinet from Salvation Army. 

Lots more to do this weekend! Can't wait to share with y'all! 


  1. Remodeling is so fun! And you have some great inspiration! I have that The Lord Is Faithful print from Joyful Papery and it's amazing! You should get it :)

  2. Oh this is so cool! I love having little projects like this, hope y'all are having fun! :)

  3. So fun! Love the colors you chose!

  4. Love the colors and I can't wait to see what you do with the space!